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Baah-Land is alive because of some amazing people who work tirelessly for the benefit of the over 110 sheep (the number changes so frequently), our Golden Guernsey Goats, the chickens, and the geese.

Our founder was originally a sheep farmer, who about 7 years ago was taking his sheep to market, when one jumped back into his arms (they are not little as you know) and subsequently, the rest ran back into the trailer, so he realised he couldn't do that anymore, and since that day has spent his life and money rescuing them. What an incredible story. 

2021 has been particularly difficult and we are now gearing up for 2023 when we will have Baah-Land ready for our first Sanctuary and Sheep Therapy Visitors. 

We are a very small sanctuary and don't have teams of volunteers so rely on all donations hugely, so if you are able to help in any way, we can't thank you enough. 

Situated on acres of lush Worcestershire countryside, sheep are able to roam across so much land they never get bored and are always well fed. 


As mentioned, we don't have a large volunteer army unfortunately, it's just mainly two people keeping everything going, so every donation or purchase really does help us keep working and putting the animals first. 

Want to know more? Email

Thank You for looking at Baah-Land and loving animals x


Read some of our amazing rescue stores below... CLICK EACH IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

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