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Angel (mother of Angel Boy)


I was used to breed to make pedigree lambs and I gave birth to Angel Boy, but as he was a boy, they advertised him to be taken from me at a few days old.


My owners now saw the advert for my little one and came and took him so he did not go for meat when he got older but he would not feed without me, so they brought him back to me as he was close to death.


He fed straight away from me so they brought me away too and we are still together now living happily at Baah-Land.


Then an awful thing happened… I was terrified when a dog got in the field and attacked me and Angel Boy. I ran in front of him to save him but the dog bit me many times and it ripped my chest open.


Without hesitation, my lovely owners called a vet, who stitched and cleaned my wound but the bill was so large but I am so lucky as I could have died and the vet wanted to end my life.


The dog owner was never found and thank heaven my lovely new owners never gave up on me.


If you could adopt me that would be so kind and would really help with my ongoing care.



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Your initial adoption is for one year but we will gently remind you when your year is almost up, in the hope that you might continue adopting your chosen gorgeous sheep xx

ADOPT - Angel

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  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally via email within a few days of you adopting your chosen animal. 

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  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal.

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