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Meet our lovely Eliza, one of our very special lambs here at the sanctuary. Sadly little Eliza was born with no eyes. She was due to be killed, so was brought to us instead so that her life could be saved! Despite her difficult start in life, she has the most lovely nature and it is clear to us that she really wants to live.


We took her to Leominster Specialist Eye Clinic to meet lovely vet John who sadly confirmed that no eyes or eyelids had developed at birth, just her tear ducts so nothing can be done to make her see. He said she was blessed to be with us although we can’t help but feel sad for not being able to see the beauty of the world around her, she has never been able to, so will use her other senses very well - she has already learned to follow and lie in the sun. Such a sweet little lamb!


She is getting used to the world around her using her other senses and we have changed our care routines for her to make life a little easier - we actually have several blind sheep here at the sanctuary, all who live with this disability in a way that is quite inspiring. Animals simply make the best of what they have and here we try to give them even better


We will always do our very best for each and every resident here, and some like little Eliza do need that extra care and attention. We’re only able to do this thanks to YOUR support and we can’t tell you how grateful we are.


Can you help us to care for little Eiza as she grows and keep her Forever Home safe?



  • We will send your Adoption Pack digitally via email within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal. 
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Your initial adoption is for one year but we will gently remind you when your year is almost up, in the hope that you might continue adopting your chosen gorgeous sheep xx

ADOPT - Eliza

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally via email within a few days of you adopting your chosen animal. 

    We cannot thank you enough for choosing to adopt a Baah-Land animal. 

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal.

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