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I had a very sad start to my life. I lost my mum when I was just three weeks old. She was really caring for me then I woke up one day but she never did.

I curled up beside her waiting for her to wake but she could not wake.


I was gently taken from her but I was scared and lonely. I was cuddled and fed but my eye developed a ulcer so I was rushed to a specialist eye clinic but my eye had ruptured so could not be saved.


The eye clinic said no one had spent the money to save a sheep’s eye before so I was the first they had seen.


They did all they could to save my eye but couldn’t unfortunately but my new owners didn’t just give up on me. I returned home was paired with another Hampshire like me and I learnt I could cope with one eye with my companion by my side.


I still need to feel safe and have regular checks on my eye so need more love and medical help than most so I would love it if you could please adopt me.



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Your initial adoption is for one year but we will gently remind you when your year is almost up, in the hope that you might continue adopting your chosen gorgeous sheep xx


ADOPT - Jerry

Colour: No Colour
  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally via email within a few days of you adopting your chosen animal. 

    We cannot thank you enough for choosing to adopt a Baah-Land animal. 

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal.

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