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I was born and my Mum was really too old to look after me so when I went to feed, she had no milk, so although I did not want to leave my Mum I had to be bottle fed by hand by my new owners in their home.


I needed to be fed day and night but I lacked nutrition from my mum so I could not walk, only on my knees. The vet came to see me and I had to have injections every day but still could not walk, my back was also bent.


The vet said I would never walk and suggested they end my life.


But my new owners and best friends never gave up on me. I had to stay in the barn and the other sheep were encouraged to visit me.


Then a few weeks later, a young girl lamb named Shipess was put in with me. She was so pretty and gentle and by morning I was on my feet and have been ever since, and as you can see in the photo, she is always by my side.


Shipess also nearly died. I was so sad when she became blind and did not eat. We were back in the barn but she was hand fed and had medicine every day and she is well again now although the vet said there was no hope and to end her life.


So please adopt us together as we are an inseparable pair.



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Your initial adoption is for one year but we will gently remind you when your year is almost up, in the hope that you might continue adopting your chosen gorgeous sheep xx



ADOPT - Ship & Shipess

Colour: No Colour
  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally via email within a few days of you adopting your chosen animal. 

    We cannot thank you enough for choosing to adopt a Baah-Land animal. 

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal.

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