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We hope you would consider being one of our corporate sponsors, and we are offering an early bird offer of just £150 up until end of 2020! 


For more info on Baah-Land, please click HERE


We are a privately run and funded sanctuary to over 110 sheep, 7 Golden Guernsey Goats, and many chickens and geese, and need help to get our plans for 2021 off the ground. Our plans include...


  • Opening as Baah-Land Sheep Therapy & Sanctuary to visitors in March 2021
  • Opening to visitors to help them with raising their frequency, helping them destress from modern life, and helping with mental health
  • Adding lots of barns and other visitor centres so we can accommodate our new guests
  • Erecting glamping pods so we can welcome overnight visitors who want to fully immerse with our flock of sheep


All in all, this activity is all designed to help people with their mental health by taking them out of their normal life and into an immersive environment with our sheep. 


To stroke a sheep and get to feed them Rich Tea Biscuits is something you will never forget. Then try that with a flock and you are overcome with emotion... and you won't believe how gentle sheep are! 


For your Corporate Sponsorship, you will receive...

  • Your logo on our home page of
  • Link from your logo on our home-page to your website
  • Mentions in our newsletters to our supporters (frequent)
  • Mentions across all social media channels (frequent)
  • VIP Invites to our opening day in March 2021
  • Discount for items in our shop of 20% (code to follow when sponsorship signed)


We are obviously small right now but we have big plans and this offers amazing value for you to get your logo in front of a LOT of people for a very small cost. 


We would LOVE you to be one of our Corporate Sponsors and help us achieve our plans for 2021. 



Please send logo to:


Corporate Sponsorship - Early Bird Offer

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  • Please make sure you send your logo to:

    Please also confirm the link you would like us to point this logo to. 

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