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A tup got into our field and little Spotty was born unexpectedly as a result! Spotty is a very lucky boy, as unlike if born to a farm, he will be able to grow up into an adult here in his Forever Home at Baahland together with his mother. Their bond remains as strong as ever and we will never take that away from them, as they will always happily live together here. 


She is a loving mother to this big lamb, just three weeks old; and although he looks nothing like a Hampshire Down like herself, she loves him just as much. There is no judgement or prejudice amongst sheep and we can learn a lot from our animal friends.


Can you help us to care for little Spotty as he grows and keep his Forever Home safe?



  • We will send your Adoption Pack digitally via email within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal. 
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Your initial adoption is for one year but we will gently remind you when your year is almost up, in the hope that you might continue adopting your chosen gorgeous sheep xx

ADOPT - Spotty

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally via email within a few days of you adopting your chosen animal. 

    We cannot thank you enough for choosing to adopt a Baah-Land animal. 

  • Your Adoption Pack will arrive digitally within 2/3 days of you adopting your animal.

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