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We Need YOU!

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Do you love animals?

Do you have some time to spare?

Looking to gain hands on experience with animals?

We desperately need YOUR HELP!

The daily running of Baah-Land is not for the faint hearted, we have so many family members now that just tending to their basic requirements such as feeding, water, mucking out, general well being inspection and administering medication and treatments is a full time job!

Perhaps you are a student studying agriculture, animal husbandry, animal care, marketing, fundraising or want to get in to working for a charity?

Volunteering is a great way to build experience, life skills, working in a team and supporting a good cause whilst you learn.


Are you looking for something to do during the summer holidays?

On a gap year?

We need help across a broad spectrum of roles and tasks, from basic animal care through to manual labour, painting, building, carpentry, marketing and fund name a few!


With every product you purchase, and every visit to our Sanctuary, our sheep are directly benefiting. 

We are a privately run sanctuary with over 110 sheep and other assorted gorgeous animals.

We promise that every penny of profit will be reinvested in to the sanctuary and with the animals. 

We have had a turbulent and tentative year like everyone else!


It has been difficult to plan with such uncertainty. We have been doing our best to get open for the summer but have encountered several set backs, we are hoping as we slowly return to some normality we will be ready to welcome visitors, have guest stay and organise the variety of events and classes we so desperately want to share with you all. 

Come and de-stress, calm down, chill out, find peace, switch off your phone, be with nature, re-charge, feel refreshed. 

OUR SHOP... 100% of profits help our sheep

Just a few of our items below, many more in store to choose from.