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A Muddy Thank Ewe!

We’d like to say a huge “Thank Ewe” to our very kind supporters who have generously contributed towards our Nab-a-Slab campaign so far! During the winter and with all the wet weather and storms we’ve battled this year, our paddocks churn up and can become very muddy. It is so important that we move our lovely, rescued sheep and goats out of this mud and protect their delicate hooves, but also as some of our animals need a little extra care, some with physical disabilities; these slabs can be lifechanging for these wonderful animals – and us, working around the clock to care for them!

Eventually, our plan is that we will have enough that we can pave large areas of the sanctuary so that you can also visit as well. We have a lot of work to do to get ready for you and this is one big way that you can help us make a start – we know they’d love to meet you!

As you can see, our sheep and goats are very clever and know exactly where to walk – can you help us to extend their path and make their journey around the sanctuary that little bit easier? Every Mud Control slab donated makes a huge difference to us. Unlike conventional slabs, these special slabs (made from 100% recycled plastic) easily connect like a large jigsaw puzzle, and for just £6.90, you can place one of those pieces for our residents too.

Thankfully spring is most definitely in the air now, hopefully bringing better weather, giving the ground a chance to dry again and our grass to grow back lush and green - but the weather turns every year and we want to be ready as the seasons turn at the end of the year. Thank you for helping us to do this!

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