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Don't Sacrifice Lambs this Easter Help us SAVE THEM!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Lambs are synonymous with spring which is when Easter presents itself, we at Baah-Land consider ALL life to be precious and nothing is more heart warming than seeing a mommy ewe with her new born little lamb.

Thousands of lambs are torn away from their their mommies, barely having time to bond, those sweet little lambs are slaughtered for the spring tradition of eating lamb for Easter celebrations.

Sheep are intelligent, caring, loving creatures just like humans they deserve the opportunity to love and nurture their off spring and live free.

There are plenty of alternatives to lamb, save a life and don't eat lamb this Easter, try something new and maybe see what being vegan is all about, here are some suggestions...

Join us for our live streamed Easter on 3rd April 1:30pm, the event is to help us raise funds to save every sheep and lamb we can

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