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Little Lorri Rescued!

This is just cuteness overload! Look at this gorgeous little mite we rescued this week, called Little Lorri.

The founders of Baah-Land very very kindly named him after me, so in the pic is Big Lorri and Little Lorri ha ha.

He is so undersized and hasn't had the right nutrients so is about 1/3 of the size he should be, but now he is at Baah-Land we can feed him up and give him the care and attention he needs. He probably won't get much bigger but that's OK, are flock will be very welcoming and sure they will look after him even more.

We are off to try and get his sibling as well so he isn't on his own and has a family member with him.

Little Lorri wasn't wanted, and was rescued from being killed. Look how cute he is! How could anyone kill this little one, or any of them!

Check this video out below, when he is getting acclimatised to his new surroundings in his little enclosure until he gets settled.

More videos and news to follow on Little Lorri.

Thank you for all your very kind donations and purchases, they really do mean the world to us and mean we can do amazing rescue work like this.

Much love xx

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