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Morris Update!

Great to report that Morris is still being loved and looked after in our mini Sanctuary Hospital (also known as his favourite shed and warm hideaway) and yesterday even had a head, neck and shoulder massage as he just loves those to de-stress himself even!

It's amazing how alike humans sheep are, all with their own little things that make them so unique. The more time you spend with them, the more you notice how different they all are, just like humans.

Getting better slowly...

Unfortunately, the vets have said we should put Morris down but we don't agree... we are a sanctuary and we want to save lives, not blot them out in a quick instant.

Morris has a fracture, not full break, in his femur caused by his son Minor (Morris Minor, get it? ha ha) who is another big champion ram butting him heavily. Minor doesn't understand, he is a ram who can smell all the ewe's in season and he is separated from them so he got angry and took it out on his Dad.

Minor will be having a small testicle op coming soon to ensure this doesn't happened again!

So the vets want us to put Morris down but he is now on Metacam and he is putting some weight on the leg and is slowly healing and we are very hopeful he will pull through fine.

We feel that vets are amazing but also quick to write off animals that don't have a quick fix. Sanctuaries are all about not giving up on the animals and loving and nurturing them back to health.

Of course, we can't save everyone, but it isn't for lack of trying or effort on our part if we ever lose an animal.

So, GO MORRIS, you got this! More updates soon xx

We made him a bit of a wind shelter but he still really loves the sunshine coming in so here's Morris sunbathing before he got his massage, which he loved!

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